Multiliteracies Pedagogy and Language Learning

Teaching Spanish to Heritage Speakers

Palgrave Macmillan


  • Erscheinungsjahr 2017
  • ISBN 9783319631028
  • Art des Produktes Fester Einband
  • Autor Zapata, Gabriela C. / Lacorte, Manel


This book is the first volume to be devoted to the examination of the application of the multiliteracies pedagogical framework to the teaching of Spanish to heritage language learners in higher education institutions in the United States. The Hispanic population is a growing minority, and the presence of heritage speakers can be observed in second language Spanish classes in all levels of education, which presents unique challenges for practitioners. This collection focuses on differing populations of learners in educational settings in a variety of geographical areas, such as Arizona, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. The studies included in the volume offer invaluable data and methodological insights into the instructional advantages of multiliteracies pedagogies in heritage language classrooms, and they will appeal to Spanish practitioners and researchers, as well as those interested in the education and practice of heritage languages.